General Office
Metal Tech of Murfreesboro
314 West Broad Street
Murfreesboro, NC 27855
P: 252.398.4041
F: 252.398.8120

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Department Contacts
Brock Felton
Vice President
252.398.4041 ext. 380
Richard Bass
Shop Manager/ Planner
252.398.4041 ext. 290
Eric Rountree
Project Manager
252.398.4041 ext. 270
David Burke
Project Manager
252.398.4041 ext. 110
Todd Hargett
Project Manager
252.398.4041 ext. 260
Sam Jimenez
Assistant Project Manager
252.398.4041 ext. 240
Everett Sawyer
Assistant Project Manager
252.398.4041 ext. 360
Jim Russell
VA Superintenden
David Northcott
NC Superintendent
Cedric Flythe
Safety Manager
252.398.4041 ext. 440
Cale Bloomer
252.398.4041 ext. 130
Dane Hobbs
Purchasing Agent
252.398.4041 ext.150

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Our team of professionals can provide services on-site at your facility and custom design and manufacture to your specifications.

"We are a custom metal fabrication facility dedicated to safety and product quality"

At Metal Tech, we understand the unique needs of the Industrial and Manufacturing industries. Our goal is to provide innovative and technically advanced products & services that meet our customer’s requirements by continually improving our quality management system.

Please give us a call at 252.398.4041 if you have any questions or would like us to help with your next metal project.